Rebecca Cartwright

Rebecca Cartwright
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Real Name:
Rebecca Cartwright
Actor in Home & Away
July 23, 1983
Birth Place:
Star Sign:
Carty, Pookie or Beck
Contact Address:
Rebecca Cartwright
C/-Home and Away, Channel 7, Mobbs Lane, Epping NSW 2121

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Rebecca Cartwright was born on July 23 1983. She lives in Sydney with her mum, dad, older brother Sean, older sis Kristy, her two dogs Abbey and Gizmo, and their horse Denni. Some of her hobbies are roller skating, ice skating, swimming, horse riding, aerobics and acrobatics.
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Rebecca cartwright plays the innocent-looking Hayley Smith on Australian drama Home & Away. She has had many previous acting roles, with her debut being on Police Rescue, but she has had small roles in Heartbreak High, Water Rats and Totally Wild, as well as ads for Pizza Hut, KFC, Colgate, Coca-Cola, Milo and more!
Rebecca was on H&A in 1991 as an extra!

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